Melania Trump Had Health Problem Before Last Debate

Melania Trump shared her deep concern when her son was diagnosed with a serious illness in October 2020, shortly after both she and her husband, Donald Trump, tested positive for COVID-19.



Following their diagnoses, the former President was quickly admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center for treatment, where he received dexamethasone, a steroid used in severe COVID-19 cases.

Initially testing negative, 14-year-old Barron later received a positive result for the virus. Melania described her fear upon learning this news in a column on the White House website, expressing relief that Barron, a resilient teenager, showed no symptoms during his illness. She noted that experiencing the illness together allowed them to support each other and spend valuable time together as a family. Barron has since tested negative.

During her own recovery, Melania endured symptoms including body aches, cough, headaches, and extreme fatigue. This period of illness prompted her to reflect deeply, particularly on her family’s well-being. She emphasized the importance of family during challenging times and expressed gratitude for their health and recovery.

Reflecting on a broader scale, Melania acknowledged the widespread impact of COVID-19 across the country, affecting hundreds of thousands without discrimination. She lamented the negative energy surrounding the pandemic during the lead-up to the election, highlighting the unprecedented challenges faced by the nation.

Donald Trump returned to the White House after a brief hospitalization, continuing his recovery from COVID-19.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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