Melania Trump ‘Inappropriate’ Funeral Outfit Revealed

Former President Melania Trump recently drew attention to the outfit she wore to a memorial service for former first lady Rosalynn Carter via News Week.



Trump joined former President Bill Clinton and past first ladies Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, as well President and first lady Joe and Jill Biden, to pay respects to Rosalynn Carter at her memorial service Tuesday afternoon. Carter, the wife of former President Jimmy Carter, died at the age of 96 on November 19 at her Plains, Georgia, home.

Melania’s outfit at the service quickly sparked controversy about whether it was appropriate to wear to a memorial. She was seen wearing a gray coat, with a black dress underneath. Critics argued she should have opted to not wear the gray coat, instead only wearing black, viewed as the most traditional color of grieving, for the occasion.

Diane Gottsman, an etiquette expert and founder of The Protocol School of Texas, however, told Newsweek Tuesday afternoon that Melania Trump’s outfit was appropriate for a funeral.

“It would be a different story if Melania Trump wore hot pink, or bright red, but rather she chose a somber gray, which is a perfectly acceptable color for funerals,” she said.

“Her choice of outfit was conservative and respectful. People are looking watchfully to find something to criticize, even when the criticism is not warranted, which probably has more to do with other issues, rather than Melania’s outfit.


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