Melania Trump Is ‘Humiliating’ Donald On Campaign

Former first lady Melania Trump has been conspicuously absent from her husband Donald Trump’s campaign activities and legal proceedings, raising questions about her involvement in his bid to return to the White House. Despite being present at some Trump fundraisers, she did not attend significant events such as the first presidential debate in Atlanta, his month-long hush money trial, or his recent 78th birthday party.



Speculation about her role has been fueled by her comments at the election kick-off, where she told reporters to “Stay tuned.” Analysts suggest she might be distancing herself from political life, especially if Trump wins a second term. Writer Nell Scovell, in a Daily Beast opinion column, noted that Melania’s absence might not only be due to a distaste for campaigning but could also be a strategic move, giving her leverage over Trump.

Scovell posits that Melania’s participation could be tied to financial incentives from Trump’s PAC for each appearance. She also speculates that if Melania continues to hesitate about returning to the White House, it might lead to a historic first: a sitting president getting a divorce. Given Trump’s history of two previous divorces, this adds another layer of intrigue to Melania’s current absence and potential future actions.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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