Melania Trump ‘Makes Deal’ With Donald To Abandon…

If Donald Trump secures another term in the White House, Melania Trump will not take on the full-time responsibilities of First Lady, a source informs Page Six. The insider from Trumpworld reveals that Melania has made a pact with her husband that she won’t be on 24/7 First Lady duty if he wins the presidency.



This decision comes amid speculation that their son, Barron Trump, will be attending New York University in the fall. Melania, known for being a hands-on mother, is already planning to spend part of each month—and potentially every week—in New York City to support Barron during his transition to college life.

The insider notes that Melania is a fiercely protective mother. In 2017, she delayed her move to the White House by five months to allow Barron to finish his school year in New York. Recently, she declined an offer from the Florida Republican Party for Barron to serve as a delegate, citing prior commitments and underscoring her commitment to his well-being.

“She feels safe in NYC and in Trump Tower herself, and it’s Barron’s home, and that’s why she wants him to go to school in NYC,” the source said. “She can provide both emotional and physical support by being close. Everyone remembers how she delayed moving to Washington, DC, until Barron finished school.”

“Barron has never been completely on his own before — and with the added stress of him being both a freshman in college and potentially the son of a president in a predominantly Democratic city, [Melania] wants to be close… The added attention he’ll get if his father is president worries Melania who is also concerned about reaction at his school over Barron’s ever-present Secret Service [detail].”

Donald Trump, while close to Barron, recognizes that his presidential duties will limit his availability. He has agreed to Melania’s plan, trusting her to raise their son similarly to how Ivana Trump raised their older children, Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr. He believes that Melania’s dedication to their son will be understood and respected by parents nationwide.

“Donald is close to Barron, but isn’t going to tossing footballs with him when he’s the president and the head of the free world. Donald has already agreed to this, and feels that mothers and parents across the country will understand Melania’s devotion to their son.”

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