Melania Trump Reveals If She’s Done With Donald

This year former President Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump has been a bit of a mystery. In addition to her absence from her husband Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign, her renegotiated prenup has led some to believe that things between the two are not going well. But keen-eyed X users picked up on what Melania posted, which might be a super-subtle endorsement of Donald.



Melania’s company USA Memorabilia released an unexpected collection of Christmas ornaments back in Sept 2023. While the release made people question the business move, the posts following it have people convinced things may be fine between Melania and Donald.

On Oct 3, the company posted a series of photos to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, that show more pics of the ornaments. They posted it with the caption reading, ““I am pleased to continue USA Memorabilia’s tradition of celebrating the season with A Red, White and Blue Christmas.” #MelaniaTrump A Red, White and Blue Christmas Ornaments are exclusively available at #USAmemorabilia.”

Now, it seems like an ordinary post, but when you look closer at the second slide, you see there’s a photo of Melania and Donald in matching suits at the White House, smiling from ear to ear. Melania has posted the frame ornament without photos before, so this came as a bit of a shock. And this wasn’t the only time.

On Oct 6, her company posted the framed ornament again, and with a photo of Melania, Donald, and their son Barron Trump when he was a baby. They posted it with the caption reading, “We celebrate Christmas with family + loved ones. Let’s make it a lasting memory; place a picture of your loved ones in the frame (cut a picture + insert it inside the frame).”

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