Melania Trump Supports Brutal Attacks By…

Former friend and aide to Melania Trump, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, challenges the commonly held perception of Melania as a counterbalance to Donald Trump, suggesting instead that she is a staunch supporter of her husband’s viewpoints. In a recent column for the Daily Beast, Winston Wolkoff asserts that Melania is not a “hostage hoping to be freed” but rather a vocal advocate for Donald Trump’s aggressive approach towards his adversaries.



According to Winston Wolkoff, Melania actively encourages her husband’s combative stance, serving as his biggest cheerleader in times of conflict. Even as Donald Trump faces scrutiny in the Stormy Daniels hush money case, Melania opts to stay out of the public eye to avoid unwanted attention. However, Winston Wolkoff speculates that this decision may not stem from a desire for privacy but rather a calculated move to protect her own interests.

Drawing from her personal interactions with Melania, Winston Wolkoff reveals a glimpse into the former first lady’s mindset, highlighting Melania’s pragmatic approach to her marriage and her unwavering pursuit of power. Melania, as portrayed by Winston Wolkoff, is portrayed as a ruthless survivor who will stop at nothing to ensure her own self-preservation.

Winston Wolkoff’s insights shed light on Melania’s motivations, suggesting that she is not simply a passive observer in her marriage but an active participant who shares her husband’s ambition for victory at any cost. The column provides a provocative analysis of Melania Trump’s character, challenging conventional narratives and presenting a more complex portrait of the former first lady.

Winston Wolkoff’s unique perspective stems from her extensive 15-year relationship with Melania, during which she worked on the 2017 inauguration and took on an unpaid role in the White House. However, their relationship soured, leading Winston Wolkoff to publish the tell-all book “Melania and Me” and release embarrassing audio recordings of her conversations with Melania Trump.

Harrison Carter
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