Melania Trump Threatens Ex-White House Official?

It has come to light that Melania Trump’s former aide Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has warned that betrayal is “the norm” in the Trump family via News Week.



Winston Wolkoff had a relationship with the former first lady’s family that deteriorated over a controversy surrounding his 2017 inauguration, addressed the Trump family’s “loyalty” in a post to X (formerly Twitter) Monday afternoon.

“BETRAYAL is the norm in Trump World – even to FAMILY. As soon as you raise the alarm about their nefarious activities they make sure to cast you in an unflattering light & GAG you from speaking the truth with false accusations, non-disclosure agreements, & subpoenas,” Winston Wolkoff wrote.

It has been noted that in 2020, Winston Wolkoff published a book titled Melania and Me that detailed her 15-year friendship with the former first lady as well as her departure from the Trump White House. She has since become an outspoken critic of both Donald Trump and his wife.

Her warning on X was in response to a profile in The Nation about Jennifer Weisselberg, the former daughter-in-law of longtime Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg.

Jennifer Weisselberg has provided documents to prosecutors as part of investigations into business fraud allegedly committed by the Trump Organization, according to The Nation‘s story. She gave them information about untaxed corporate perks that helped in the case against Allen Weisselberg, who pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud and tax evasion.

In December of last year, a jury found the Trump Organization guilty on 17 counts relating to tax fraud, conspiracy, and falsifying business records. This trial was separate from the ongoing civil fraud trial against Trump in New York, where he stands accused of inflating his net worth by billions of dollars on financial statements submitted to banks and insurers, in order to secure better loans and other financial benefits. The former president has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

The Weisselbergs allegedly launched a “semi-public campaign to depict” Jennifer Weisselberg as an “unfit mother” by neglecting her children and failing to pay her rent, The Nation’s Joan Walsh wrote in the profile, headlined “Unmarried to the Mob.”

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