Melania Trump ‘Wanted Out’ After She Saw…

Former President Donald Trump has been dealing with a lot with four court cases ahead of him and his 2024 presidential campaign. However, there is one hot topic that seems to be nagging him during press and election events regarding the whereabouts of Melania Trump.



The former president probably believes he and his wife have satisfactorily answered that question, there are behind-the-scenes reports that his staffers are growing concerned about her ongoing absence.

The optics of having your spouse by your side during an election cycle may seem antiquated, but it is an item on the campaign checklist that voters notice. Melania’s reluctance as a first lady the first time around, Donald Trump’s supporters would probably like to see her in the mix — even just a little bit.

“The reports were that she was angry, and she wanted nothing more to do with politics… and nothing more to do with campaigning. She wanted out and wanted to be a private person with her son,” said MeidasTouch Network writer Ron Filipkowski during a recent livestream, via Newsweek. “And I absolutely believe that is the case.”

Melania was completely absent from her husband’s court proceedings and the campaign trial, Filipkowski noted that “Trump and Trump’s campaign people fully understand, that’s going to be a big problem that if she doesn’t at least get out there a little bit and show her support, it’s going to look really bad.”

The last time people saw Melania at a public event was in April at a Mar-a-Lago dinner and she participated in a short Fox News interview in May, but otherwise, she’s staying out of the spotlight.

PR expert Jane Owen thinks it’s a smart move for Melania to stay away from Donald Trump’s troubles. “The less she comments or is seen to be supportive or unsupportive the more room she has to maneuver,” she explained to Newsweek.

“If things go badly for Trump, she can remain relatively unscathed and come out with enough remaining star power to command a healthy fee for appearances or endorsements, should she want to go down that road.”

Owen believes Melania is a “savvy woman who understands the power of the spotlight” and who isn’t interested in Donald Trump’s quest for power — she is enjoying the peace of a private life.


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