Melania Trump ‘Worried’ Before Going With Hillary Clinton To…

According to Mercury News, Melania Trump’s presence at the public tribute service for the late Rosalynn Carter, alongside other first ladies and Presidents Joe Biden and Bill Clinton, has stirred attention due to her choice of a light gray tweed coat, contrasting with the predominantly black attire of those in the front row. CNN national correspondent Kristen Holmes suggests that Melania, cognizant of potential political awkwardness, attended to avoid drawing more attention by skipping the service.



Rosalynn Carter’s recent passing led to a gathering of prominent figures, including Melania Trump, Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, and Hillary Clinton, at the Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta. Melania, who walked somewhat ahead of the others, sat at the far end of the front row, drawing notice for her white, black, and gray coat covering a black dress.

Melania’s attendance has been part of her relatively low-profile approach since leaving the White House, steering clear of her husband’s campaign events and not accompanying him to court appearances. Her outfit choice at the service prompted online comments, with critics expressing views such as “Forever out of place.”

The seating arrangements strategically placed Melania Trump at a distance from the Bidens, maintaining a pattern of breaking tradition. Notably, Melania did not invite incoming first lady Jill Biden for a White House “tea and tour” following the 2020 election, allegedly at the insistence of her husband.

The service, which included a wheelchair-bound Jimmy Carter, featured a moment where speaker Judy Woodruff acknowledged the political and personal differences among the presidents and first ladies. Woodruff humorously remarked that Rosalynn Carter would be proud to see them all together on that day.

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