Melina Says People In WWE Are Strangling The Art Of Wrestling

Last Monday, the Superstars of Raw voted “no confidence” in WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H’s leadership of WWE’s flagship brand. Former WWE Women’s Champion Melina has weighed in on the matter as a fan asked her on Twitter tonight during Raw if she herself would have walked out.



Melina responds (which she later challenged the “dirt sheets” to publish): “I don’t watch the show but this is my take, I would have walked out on the people who tell lies to the WWE Universe who say they fight for them and that they are trying to make a change but they aren’t trying at all.

“That “1%” who are only out for themselves and don’t care who they step on to get there do not have my respect. I’d walk out on those hypocrites but that has nothing to do with the fans. I would walk out on the people strangling the art of wrestling because The Fans DESERVE to see the talent they love get opportunities! The WWE Universe DESERVES to see The BEST in sports entertainment which is not being provided. I would walk out on those who are keeping the Fans from getting that.

“As I said before, I do not watch so I don’t know what the story lines are or what’s going on. I’m just pretending what I would do in an imaginary scenario that has lots of truth behind it.”

Melina continued airing her grievances as she further explained why she no longer watches WWE programming.

“I don’t watch because I know that everyone is kept from what they are capable of. There’s so much talent being held back,” she wrote to a fan. “I used to watch as a fan. Knowing what I know, it hurts to watch my friends not be able to do what they are capable of doing.”

She added further, “I do believe the fans deserve 2C what THEY want & not be told what they “should” C. Stop playing & give the fans what they want!”

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