Mercedes Martinez Talks Decision To Leave Retribution

Mercedes Martinez was a part of the original line up for Retribution but the female star later decided to quit the faction and she has since returned to NXT.



The former ROH star recently spoke to PWinsider for an interview and among other things; she also talked about her decision to leave the group.

Martinez explained that she was given an opportunity by the officials to be part of the faction and she took it without knowing the outcome of it:

“I was given an opportunity, and I took the opportunity not knowing what the outcome would be, you got to make the best with anything you can, but I think when that opportunity came, it just wasn’t for me. When you hit the pinnacle of your career, as I did, hitting 20 years,” said Martinez, “you want to make the most of your career, and make it part of a legacy.”

Though later in the interview, the NXT star claimed that she doesn’t have any hard feelings about her Retribution stint and the role just didn’t fit her career:

“It’s kind of one of those things where it’s, ‘This is where Mercedes is, but maybe it doesn’t fit the mold, doesn’t fit her career.’ It was no hard feelings, I just think we both had two different plans, I wanted one thing to go one way, and they had a different outlook. I wish them success, to all those part of the group, and I wish them the best.”

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