Merrick Garland Drops Hunter Biden Scandal Bombshell

During a Senate oversight committee meeting on Wednesday, Senator John Kennedy questioned Attorney General Merrick Garland about the Department of Justice’s approach to alleged tax crimes committed by Hunter Biden, particularly regarding income from Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.



The discussion turned tense as Kennedy directed the conversation towards Hunter Biden’s case, alleging that Biden failed to pay taxes on $1 million in 2014 and 2015, reportedly using the funds for extravagant expenses such as “hookers, a Lamborghini, strip clubs, sex clubs, and porn website memberships.” Kennedy questioned why the Department of Justice allowed the statute of limitations to expire on the case.

Garland responded cautiously, referencing ongoing investigations and emphasizing that the inquiry is being led by David Weiss, who was appointed as U.S. Attorney in Delaware by former President Trump and is now serving as special counsel. Garland explained that Weiss would issue a report detailing his findings.

Kennedy, unsatisfied with Garland’s response, continued to press the attorney general, suggesting that the Department of Justice had allowed Hunter Biden to evade prosecution. Garland maintained his stance of non-involvement in ongoing investigations and underscored Weiss’s independence in conducting the inquiry.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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