Mexican Star Accuses WWE Legend Of Racism

Fans can sometimes believe that the gimmicks of pro wrestler are legitimate. However, in reality they do not represent the person behind them. This is certainly the case, as some thought that pro wrestling legend Zeb Colter(now Dutch Mantell) was actually a racist a few years ago during his We The People gimmick in WWE.



Dutch Mantell opens up on the matter

During “Story Time with Dutch Mantell” podcast, Dutch Mantell revealed that Alberto Del Rio’s on-screen manager, Ricardo Rodriguez, actually thought that the Zeb Colter gimmick was legit.

“You know, he told somebody, he said, ‘He’s really racist,’ I went, ‘What?’ ‘Cause we sold him that we hated Mexicans. So, that’s doing your job if you can convince the people you work with that you’re really racist, ’cause I’m not racist. I hate racist people, I hate ’em. I only hate two types of people: racists and Mexicans. That’s a joke, people.”

Dutch Mantell also said that Vince McMahon loved the We The People gimmick, and the character as well. If anything, Mr. McMahon had no issues with it.

“A lot of our whole push was based on immigrants ‘sneaking across the border,’ Vince loved that,” Mantell recalled. “They would tell me sometimes, ‘In this interview, do the little sneaking across’ and he said, ‘Always roll those R’s when you say Alberto Del Rio.’”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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