Michael Chandler Caught Cheating In Sad Photo

Michael Chandler was caught fish hooking Dustin Poirier and cheating before his UFC 281 submission loss, as seen in a photo below. The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently saved the Welterweight Champion Leon Edwards after his incredible win at UFC 278.



Edwards had earned the welterweight title over Kamaru Usman at UFC 278 with a head kick knockout in the fight’s final minute. The win was the result of numerous fight cancelations and other unfortunate circumstances amidst his ongoing win streak. He received a hero’s welcome in the UK following the knockout and continues to be positively received by MMA fans.Despite his recent run of success, Edwards is the latest UFC fighter to be the victim of unnecessary hate and trolls while on the top of his game.

Joe Rogan backs Leon Edwards

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan spoke about how he stopped a heckler from engaging with Edwards.

“Some guy was talking shit to Leon Edwards, and I said to this guy ‘you’re making a critical mistake’,” Rogan said. “First off, you’re out of line, and you’re being a shithead to him for no fucking reason. And secondly, you picked the wrong dude, that’s one of the best fighters on planet Earth.”
It has been noted that Rogan didn’t explain where exactly the encounter took place.
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