Michael Chandler Using Steroids In New Photo?

At UFC 274, Michael Chandler defeated Tony Ferguson with a solid front kick. Right after that, he called out Conor McGregor for a fight.



“Conor McGregor, I am the most entertaining lightweight on the planet. I want you at your baddest and I want you at your best, you and me at 170lbs!”

Holy sh*t. What an INCREDIBLE KO from @michaelchandler

And on top of that just delivered a truly electrifying promo that already sold tickets to his next fight, that’s not even booked yet. Light fighting, promo work is a special skill that =‘s#UFC274

Tony Ferguson thinks that Michael Chandler’ may be using steroids to get his incredible physique.

MMAPack, uploaded a photo of a shirtless Chandler ahead of his fight this weekend against Dustin Poirier. ‘El Cucuy’ posted an emoticon of a beverage box in the comments section, implying that Chandler is using steroids.

While Poirier has conditioned himself to fight more strategically in recent years rather than engaging in all out wars, his longtime head coach Mike Brown said the former interim lightweight champion has his sights set on delivering exactly what fans expect when he clashes with Chandler.

“Dustin comes to fight every time,” Brown told MMA Fighting. “Every time it’s going to be crazy exciting, you’re going to be biting your nails. He gets in the heat, he gets in it quick. I like when he slows things down but I don’t think he’s got it in him.

“Every bone in his body says kill, kill, kill and he’s in there to take the guy out as quick as you can.”

Screenshot of Ferguson's tweet

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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