Michael Cole Botches Carlito WWE Return

Michael Cole botched Carlito’s return at WWE Fastlane, as he helped the LWO beat Bobby Lashley and Street Profits. He called him ‘Carribean Cool Carlito.’ Carlito’s old name was ‘Carlito Carribean Cool.’



In a recent conversation between WWE Hall of Famer Teddy Long and wrestling journalist Bill Apter on Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, they shared their memories and anecdotes about their friendships with the legendary tag team, the Road Warriors (Hawk and Animal).

Bill Apter talked about Road Warrior Animal, mentioning a touching story about his final birthday celebration. According to Apter, Animal’s wife had asked several wrestling personalities to send him comedy videos for his birthday. Apter sent one, and he later learned from Animal’s wife that Animal had “died laughing” after watching it. Tragically, Animal passed away just two days later.

“On Animal’s final birthday, his wife had asked a whole bunch of wrestling people to cut like a comedy thing. I sent him one, and the next day, I asked, ‘How did he like the video?’ and she said, ‘He died laughing’, and two days later, he died.”

Teddy Long shared a story about his close relationship with Road Warrior Hawk. Long mentioned that he was particularly drawn to Hawk because of their shared interest in drugs and partying. He humorously noted that when he was with Hawk, he knew they would have access to drugs and have a great time. Long recalled an incident in Charlotte where he got into an argument with someone at a gas station. Hawk intervened by punching the person, and they left the gas station together.

Bill Apter also shared a humorous memory about Road Warrior Hawk during a car ride. He mentioned that Hawk had stomach issues and refused to discuss his dinner. However, during a wrestling event, Hawk suddenly revealed what he had for dinner by throwing up in front of the ropes, leaving Apter and others surprised.

Well, I loved Hawk and I wanted to be with Hawk because I loved the drugs. Okay. I know when I was with Hawk, we were going to have drugs and have a great time. Me and him was really tight though, man. I remember one time we were in Charlotte and stopped at a gas station to get some gas. I think I went in first to do something and then I got into it with some mark that was in the gas station. I don’t know. But anyway, it turned into a little bit of an argument and the next thing I know, Hawk came in and Hawk so me and this mark was arguing, and the next thing I know, Hawk just decked him and we just walked on out the gas station.

I rode with him one time and he was having some stomach issues. I said, ‘What did you have for dinner?’ He said, ‘Are you shooting pictures around the ring tonight? I said, ‘Yeah.’ He said, ‘I don’t want to talk about dinner.’ We get to the third or fourth match. They come on. Hawk’s in front of the rope and he says, ‘You want to know what I had for dinner’, and he throws up.”

These anecdotes provide a glimpse into the personal lives and unique personalities of the Road Warriors, highlighting the camaraderie and memorable moments shared with them by their friends and colleagues in the wrestling industry.

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