Michael Cole Told Vince McMahon To Hire ‘Replacement’

Michael Cole pushed hard for Vince McMahon to hire Adnan Virk as Tom Phillips’ replacement as Raw announcer. Vince McMahon ‘Punished’ MVP Backstage after breaking up The Hurt Business.



Virk told Boomer In The Morning, “I haven’t talked to Vince. When I went to the audition, he was there. (Michael) Cole was like, ‘He’s pretty busy today.’ My thought was, if I don’t get the job, at least I could say that I met him, just for the stories. When they put my tape before him — I think Nick (Khan) was lobbying, Cole was obviously a big fan — [Vince] didn’t know who I was. He is a workaholic and so focused on WWE.

He’s not watching Baseball Tonight, but it was like, ‘I like his voice, I like his style, if you guys vouch for him, cool.’ This weekend at WrestleMania, I thought I would meet him, but it’s WrestleMania. He was way too busy. I still haven’t met him yet, which is perhaps surprising and perhaps not.

It’s surprising if you know how invested he is in the product. I’m sure he was watching and making notes. I’m sure I’ll get criticism. It’ll be cool when I actually get to meet him.” Fightful transcribed Virk’s remarks.

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