Michael Moore Blasts Biden After Trump…

Michael Moore slammed President Joe Biden as Israel’s “number one arms dealer” currently supporting an “ethnic cleansing” in Gaza via Mediaite.



It has been noted that thousands have been killed in Gaza due to Israel’s strikes, including multiple aid workers this week. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will not stop until Hamas is eliminated and dismissed calls for a ceasefire since Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel.

“It’s been just an awful thing for all of us to be witness to,” Moore said on the Monday episode of his Rumble podcast. “We’d like to think about it because our president, the one that has to stop Trump, from winning in November, is the number one financial backer and the number one arms dealer for the state of Israel. So what do we do with that?”

Moore has been criticizing Biden’s support for Israel amid the strikes. The president has expressed concern over civilian deaths but stayed firm in supporting Israel in defending itself from Hamas. Moore was one of the activists behind a movement in Michigan that helped get more than 100,000 people to vote “uncommitted” in the Democratic presidential primary as a form of protest against Biden.

The filmmaker argued Biden is the only person in the world who could bring an end to the Israel-Hamas war.

“He’s really the only one in the whole entire world that has the power to stop this, say, within the next hour, literally by just turning off the faucet, pulling the the plug. No more bombs, no more guns, no more bullets, no more nothing until you, Mr. Netanyahu, stop the slaughter,” he said. “We’re the bank for this, folks. You and me.”

Moore later offered a more personal message for Biden and referred to the destruction in Gaza as “ethnic cleansing.”

“You know who you are and what you have to do. You must have thought it. You must have thought about it during Mass on Easter,” he said. “Public opinion is completely against this ethnic cleansing.”

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