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Mick Foley Believes Eva Marie Will Have A Big Match With One Of WWE’s Top Divas

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley continues to praise NXT star Eva Marie and went the extra mile recently when he wrote new a blog about how she will be in a big match with one of WWE’s top Divas within one year.


WITHIN ONE YEAR #WWE Diva #EvaMarie will be in a great match at a big show with #SashaBanks #BeckyLynch #MsCharlotte #Bayley #Natalya or #Paige I’m not saying the match will be all her doing, but history doesn’t remember who came up with the ideas, or who carried the match; history remembers who was in it. And despite the problems she seems to have with some of her #TotalDivas co-stars, fellow wrestlers, and the heat – bordering on nuclear – that she has with some wrestling fans, Eva Marie’s improvement from week to week in recent matches has shown me she has the drive, determination, and that intangible “it” factor necessary to accomplish something special with one of the super-talented ladies of WWE/NXT.

Eva Marie takes flack for the personal training she receives from Brian Kendrick. As far as I’m concerned, there is no “one size fits all” method of training. Sure, almost all developmental talent undergoes extensive training at the Performance Center in Florida, where Sara Del Ray – one of my personal heroes – has played an invaluable role in dramatically transforming the expectations for what fans have come to expect from #WomensWrestling. But it looks to me like Eva Marie is progressing nicely with the one-on-one work she’s done with Kendrick. While watching season 3 of #ToughEnough on #WWENetwork today, my kids were SHOCKED to see the rough treatment Bob Holly dished out to Matt Cappotelli. But check out the treatment this young trainee receives at the hands of legendary Japanese female wrestler Chigusa Nagayo at about the 6:00 mark of and you can almost feel Bob Holly saying “Chigusa, take it easy on the poor kid.” When my kids asked me who the meanest trainer of them all is, and I said “Brian Kendrick”, they let out a huge laugh. For the life of me, I just can’t imagine Kendrick intentionally kicking in someone’s teeth, or breaking someone’s nose. But Kendrick is a GREAT trainer, with a gift for bringing out the best in students – and, from what I can see, Eva Marie has been the beneficiary of that gift.

I’m not saying that Eva will be able to approach some of the masterpieces I’ve seen in the last 16 months – from Natalya/Charlotte to the Fatal 4 Way, to Bank’s statements (see what I did there) with Becky Lynch and Bayley. But within a year, one of those ladies is going to find themselves standing in the ring with the much maligned Eva Marie…and something great will happen.

You can read the entire blog here.

  • just j

    Mick, Mick, mick.smh Keep up this foolish talk and I’ll lose all respect for you.