Mick Foley Confirms Talks with WWE, CM Punk Says It’s Time for Action, AM RAW

– The August 20th episode of WWE’s AM RAW scored a 0.85 cable rating with 1,092,000 viewers.



– CM Punk wrote the following teaser on Twitter last night: “More people wish things were the way used to be instead of doing anything to make it better. It’s time for a little A-C-T…..I-O-N.”

– Mick Foley recently spoke with The Wrestling Voice and confirmed that he has been talking with WWE about a return, saying it comes down to how many dates he wants to be away from home and what will fit for his return.

Foley, who expressed interest in helping WWE’s product by working behind the scenes, also teased an appearance when WWE is in the UK this November while he will be in the country for a comedy tour. Foley added that he has a few matches left in him and is cutting weight so he can be ready to wrestle when WWE needs him.

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