Mick Foley Daughter Hotel Cowgirl Photo Leaks

Mick Foley’s daughter Noelle Foley has posted a hotel cowgirl photo.



John Cena is a 16-time World Champion in WWE, being the face of the company for over a decade. This was until he shifted to a part-time schedule back in 2017. Many fans have been wanting to see Cena make his return at this year’s WrestleMania but it is doubtful it will even happen. He has also worked in several films over the years, including Fast and Furious 9, The Suicide Squad, and others. John Cena’s real fight with fired WWE star also leaked previously. 

John Cena challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title at the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view last year and despite working his hardest, he was unable to beat the Tribal Chief for the title. He has also not been seen on WWE television since the SummerSlam encounter with the Tribal Chief.

John Cena was a bodybuilder and an avid one at that before he turned to a career in the world of professional wrestling. John Cena’s transformation from a pro wrestling star to a Hollywood actor has been a long and difficult road for him.

Becky Lynch recently spoke on Midnight Meets with Colin MurrayLynch revealed that John Cena helped her in creating The Man character for her.

“I was always able to connect with the fantastic audience, but I never knew I could. I never knew the answer to that question. John Cena used to always ask me whenever I’d ask him for advice, ‘who are you? Who are you?’ I’d get so pissed off, you know? I’d go, ‘you know, I’m just freaking the underdog that fights.’ ‘Yeah, that’s fine. We have lots of them. Who are you?’ And so I was always trying to figure out that answer.

And then, you know, perfect storyline, the perfect synergy of becoming The Man, of rising against the golden girl essentially and saying, ‘no, this is my show now. I’m taking over. I’m The Man. I’m not only in the women’s division but in the whole d-mn company. I am The Man.’ It was that that changed the game for me. Because, you know, there was an uprising of people supporting me and losing their mind, but then when you almost had like a movement to go behind it. Like you had a stamp and you had a name. We changed everything and I think that’s the hardest thing to figure out for a wrestler, but I think it’s the most important thing.”

h/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription

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