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Mick Foley and Finn Balor Comment on Bayley’s Battleground Appearance

– Newly drafted RAW superstar, and former NXT Champion, Finn Balor took to Twitter to comment on Bayley’s WWE debut:

– RAW General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley also posted the following picture on Facebook in regards to Bayley’s debut:

  • CC

    Just watching SD and I have to say that’s it a travesty if Bayley was a one time only deal. While they have not wrestled yet, the 3 new female additions to SD looked to be pretty awful for the most part. The Alexa Bliss character and mini promo was so full of blonde bitch clich├ęs, it wasn’t funny. Carmella just looked and sounded awful. Her “dance” was terrible and her mini promo wasn’t much better. As for Eva Maria, please tell me that is not the entrance music/video/voice over that she will come out to all the time.
    And I seriously hope she has learned to wrestle at last.

  • Kyle Hardee

    I wonder if Mick smells as bad as he looks like he smells?