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Mick Foley is ready to return to WWE for a Saudi Arabia Show

Mick Foley

  • James Edwards

    solomonster spoke briefly about this on his podcast and said that he very much doubts that Foley was being serious with his comments and being completely sarcastic about the situation and I tend to agree with him. Foley would absolutely never pass a medical or be cleared to compete anyway.

  • CC

    yeah, he is

  • Savage Macho Man

    Manipulated moron.

  • CC

    So in a nutshell, like many others Foley is saying “I put money over morals”.

    Credit to Cena and Bryan for pulling out last year. Not many of the roster have enough clout to do that, so no fault on them as they do not have much choice. But these guys who are not with WWE stepping up, taking big pay cheques and going over there, they have no excuse.