Mick Foley Praises John Cena For His Toughness During Last Night’s Match With Seth Rollins

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley posted a new blog on his Facebook page praising John Cena for his toughness in his match with Seth Rollins on last night’s episode of RAW, which saw Cena fracture his nose.



This is what Foley posted on Facebook:


Whatever you do, please don’t disregard what I say about John Cena – WWE Universe by mentioning that I finished a match with a tooth in my nose, or without an ear. I did those things. But after watching Cena continue a great match with ‪#‎WWE‬ champion Seth Rollins, despite a nose broken so badly that it looked like it had been applied by a Hollywood FX master, does anyone out there believe that John Cena, if placed in a situation where his tooth was stuck in his nose, or an ear was lost along the way WOULDN’T continue wrestling?

A week ago, I named my mid-season WWE all-star team. Today – for consistently having great matches and going above and beyond the call of duty to entertain the ‪#‎WWEUnverse‬, I name John Cena was my mid-season MVP.

Who is YOUR mid-season MVP in WWE, or in all of wrestling?

* Yes, I would have liked to see Kevin Owens win that third match.

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