Mick Foley Reveals Important Dementia News

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently provided an update on the condition of his friend Terry Funk, who reportedly is suffering from dementia and requires assisted living facilities. Foley, who is quite active on social media for a few years now spoke about Funk.



Mick Foley provides the update

Terry Funk is a WWE Hall of Famer who is known for a number of stints in major wrestling promotions around the world. Funk won the WWE Tag Team Championship alongside Cactus Jack (Mick Foley). He is also a former ECW and NWA World Champion.

Don Muraco had revealed in the summer last year that the hardcore legend Terry Funk was in an assisted-living facility following a battle with dementia. Mick Foley, his long-time friend and former rival revealed in a signing session that Funk is doing better than what was reported.

“Terry [Funk] is doing better than it was reported. So, I will tell you he is in assisted living but I talked to him about a month ago, Tony Hunter talked to him a few days ago. He’s doing pretty good.”

Foley admitted that while Funk needs assistance, it’s only for simple things.

“So, he [Funk] does need some assistance but that can be as simple as not remembering to turn a burner off. So, he’s doing good.”

You can check out the video clip below:

Terry Funk and Foley has had a great student-mentor relationship and Funk was the hardcore legend long before the name was given to the former Hardcore Champion. They spent decades battling it out and teaming up in various promotions across various stipulations.

We wish the best of health for Funk.

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