Mick Foley Says He ‘Had Nothing Else To Accomplish in WWE’ and More During Book Signing

Credit: Frank Wilson and Pwinsider.com



I had a blast on Sunday at Mick Foley’s Toms River, NJ appearance.

Had to be close to 250 people in attendance.

Mick was on time, starting his book discussion at 2 p.m. He did some schtick with the library employee who arranged the appearance and then read a few passages from his book.

Mick noted that this was his fifth stop in three days and that he was feeling the effects.

The Q&A was a mix of TNA and WWE topics. Mick said he really had nothing else to accomplish in WWE when asked if he’d ever return there someday.

His Vince McMahon imitation is spot-on.

The line for the book signing formed at about 2:50 p.m. The library rep told everyone that Mick would sign anything so long as they had his new book to sign as well. The library got a 20% cut of the books they sold at the event.

I have no Foley t-shirts, so I wore a dark blue dress shirt and a tie that had smiley faces all over it. It was a lame Mankind tribute that Mick noticed when I approached him. I thanked him for donating his book advance to RAINN. Mick signed my copy of his book and a Mankind action figure as well. So cool!

As Mick was signing the book, I asked if he could hook me up with Velvet Sky. He paused, then smiled. “That’s a tall task,” he said. Oh well, can’t blame a guy for trying!

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