Mick Foley Speaks On SummerSlam, His Stand-Up Comedy

Here’s the latest from Mick Foley on MySpace (Thanks to Lucas C):



“Yes, we all had great fun at the Improv. At least I think so! Really, it was a great night; standing on such a famous stage, trying something a little different, doing it with good friends and good fans around. I’d spoken at quite a few colleges before, so it wasn’t completely new to me, but as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I’d never done any kind of show or speech that was for adults only, so I did get to cover a little material I never would have dared to cover before. Only dropped a few F-bombs, but man, that first one felt good, and really worked, specifically because I don’t drop them all that often.

I’m really thankful to the Improv for taking a chance on something that was an unknown, to Joe Schmo for believing that such an event could be popular, and to Colt Cabana and the other comedians (who were real pros with proven track records) for making the night so full of laughs from beginning to end. I’ve already had a few inquiries about doing other events, including the Improv in Irvine, the night before “Bound for Glory”. Now that would be alot of fun, especially with some of the TNA crew in attendance.

I was real proud of both Punk and Jeff Hardy for giving such gutsy performances at Summerslam. Those TLC matches are brutal on the body though, and I hope both guys are given a proper chance to rest up. “

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