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Mick Foley takes a Penisplex from Joey Ryan, Jim Cornette reacts (video)

  • jedi

    My argument with you was that you said “the majority of his career” & yes it was a different era but he was NOT comedic the majority of his career just about the last 4-6years of it tops. Of course his wwe career is what people remeber most its what 90% of the people who ever watched his ever saw.
    It reminds me of Jack Galaher on ride along saying when he started watching wrestling & hbk was the commissioner thinking wow for some reason people really respect this commissioner lol.

  • MrDr3w

    WCW, ECW, and Japan are essentially irrelevant as that was a vastly different era and time of wrestling. Foley had spent a great deal of his career in these leagues, yes, but name me five iconic things he has done in those three leagues. Now name me five iconic things he’s done in WWF/E. His career (at least the part that people remember the most) essentially began in WWF/E. But I digress.

    Foley is known as one of the most charismatic characters, and one of the greatest storytellers in professional wrestling history. If he’s giving his personal endorsement to someone, I’m all for it. Plus, the crowd seemed to love it. However, even if a select few didn’t like it, they’re still talking about it, and in the wrestling world, that is the true barometer for a successful spot.

  • jedi

    No see not the majority of his career buddy more like the last 6 years in wwe but in wcw ecw & Japan he sure was not anything comedic, nothing about Mankind when he first came in was comedic also it was down right disturbing. But yes as soon as he left Mankind for dude love or Mick it was all comedy sadly.

  • MrDr3w

    You seem to forget that Mick was basically a comedic character for the majority of his career.

  • Omar

    I dont see this as a big deal at all. In my view this “move” in clearly done in jest and is exactly the same as Santino’s Cobra, Scotty’s WORM and even start of Mr.Socko, which were all highlighted on WWE TV and PPVs, even on main event matches.

  • jgdjgdklj

    Pretty big embarrassment to pro wrestling here.. wow. WTF Mick? This is the dumbest thing..

  • jedi

    I may have to kill myself but I agree………just because most people laugh at a fast don’t make it comedy. Idiocracy come closer every day!