Mick Foley takes a Penisplex from Joey Ryan, Jim Cornette reacts (video)

Joey Ryan is an indie wrestler who has made a certain move famous where his opponent grabs his man parts. The thing about Joey’s crotch is that it is so powerful he can use it to flip his opponents. He calls this movie his “Penisplex” and it’s a very popular move indeed.



Mick Foley recently ran an angle where he had control at an OTT Wrestling show in Dublin Ireland. While performing his duties, Mick Foley had an encounter with Ryan and suffered the devastation of a Penisplex.

There were several other people taking the bump along with Foley, but the WWE Hall Of Famer might have been taking his first real bump since having hip surgery so it’s pretty notable. It’s also kind of important due to all the backlash he’s received for this spot.

You can check out the clip below and then the response that’s followed so far.


Mick Foley tweeted out saying he saw a ton of smiling faces and that seems to be all that matters to The Mickster.

Jim Cornette has been very outspoken in the past about his disdain for Joey Ryan’s signature move. The should-be WWE Hall Of Famer tweeted out in agony due to seeing this spot. We knew as soon as Jim Cornette saw this spot take place that he’d have a conniption.

Some people were pretty agitated to see Mick Foley take this kind of bump. Wrestling traditionalists are not too happy about the Penisplex’s popularity, to say the least.

Some tweets went as follows:

“Agreed. Mick just seems like a nice guy, probably tough for him to say no. Or maybe he likes Ryan. Hard to tell, but I’m not loving it.”

“This is the 1st time I’ve seen this stupid sh-t and @TheJimCornette is 100% correct…its no wonder ppl don’t enjoy pro wrestling anymore.”

Jim Cornette decided to let his opinion known once more regarding this spot and answered to some of the questions regarding his opinion. In the end, he said he’s sorry to Mick, but it didn’t help the fact he hated seeing it go down.

One fan tried to reason with Corney by saying: “Meanwhile 2,200 people in the National Stadium, and almost all of the OTT locker room were watching this and having a great time.”

But unfortunately, you still can’t convince Jim Cornette this spot was a good idea at all.

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