Mick Foley Thanks The Undertaker, Talks About Taker & McCool Attending His Comedy Show

– As noted, Michelle McCool and The Undertaker attended Mick Foley’s comedy event in Austin, Texas this past weekend. Foley wrote about it on his Facebook page this morning:




Yes, the rumors are true – there was a very rare sighting of the The Undertaker at my show last night in Austin, Texas. I had told his wife, Michelle McCool about my show a few months earlier, but to be honest, until that huge frame filled the doorway to my dressing room, I really did not expect to see the phenom in person.

It’s funny how even seasoned veterans like me know without being told that The Undertaker is a unique figure in the history of our business, and should be treated accordingly. There’s no “hey Taker, how about a pic” question, and no chance of him taking part in the Q & A – since it’s understood that unlike so many of us, who have benefitted from the attention social media has afforded us, The Undertaker is that rare figure who grows in lore by the mysterious, almost mythical nature of his character.

Besides, I don’t need a photo with Taker. Together we created a moment in time that will outlive either of us – a moment that only grows in stature as time rolls on.

Thank you Taker, for giving me the honor of your company and friendship.

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