Mick Foley Wishes TNA Well, Comments on Hulk Hogan and More

– Regarding his departure from TNA, Mick Foley wrote the following on Twitter last night:



“I pushed hard for changes I felt would benefit Impact Wrestling. I can understand how some would interpret that as difficult to work with.

I like everyone at @ImpactWrestling – we just had some major differences of opinion. I wish them all well…for real.

I bet I can give you a personal highlight of my short-lived return to Impact/TNA that no one will ever guess. Want to try?

OK, so before I tell you one of my favorite parts of returning to TNA, remember, I don’t work there, so I have NO reason to make this up.

One of my favorite parts of returning to @impactwrestling was getting to know @hulkhogan4real a little bit. I’m completely serious.

Yes, @ironbound36 – I do personally like @HulkHogan4Real , and got a rush out of the in-ring segments we did together, especially the first.”

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