Mickie James Discusses Her Frustration With The Internet

Mickie James has finally surfaced online and she has posted a blog discussing her frustration with the Internet. Namely, she says the number of people posing as her online has deterred her from opening social networking accounts to keep in touch with her numerous fans.



“I hate poser, impostors, phonies, fakes. I mean.. Seriously?! What is with these people?! Do they really dislike their own life so much that they try to live vicariously through an internet form of another. Get A Life people!”

“You see it’s people like you that deter the real people from opening up fun accounts to keep in touch with their fans. This is why I DO NOT have a myspace, a face-book, etc.”

She subsequently confirms opening an account on Twitter, which you can visit at twitter.com/mickiejamesdiva.

She adds she will do her best to get the numerous impostors shut down and that she may open a page on Facebook or MySpace. If and when she does, she will directly say so.

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