Mickie James Discusses Joining TNA, Being Single, Her Music Career & More

Recap of Mickie James & Jeremy Borash on Monsters in the Morning
By John Canton of thejohnreport.net TheJohnReport.net and MickieJames.com.



TNA’s Mickie James and Jeremy Borash were on the Monsters in the Morning show in Orlando (XM 152).

– She talked about this being her first country album, Strangers & Angels. The hosts asked her how we can get more people into country music. She said there’s a misconception about the music and now it can be a little bit of southern rock with pop too, so people should be open to the crossover that’s there. The hosts talked about how that Country Strong movie did poorly at the theatres in its opening weekend because some people get turned off by country music.

– They asked about celebrities in TNA. Borash mentioned that Toby Keith shows up once in a while and Snoop Dogg has showed up. They talked about J-Woww from Jersey Shore showing up saying they got exposure on TMZ with it. Then the hosts talked about J-Woww’s features, but Jeremy quickly moved off topic.

– They asked Mickie how the other girls treated her. Mickie said they welcomed her with open arms. They all realize that the bigger names that people have, the better it is for the company in terms of exposure.

– Mickie said that there’s a mix in the company from TNA originals, to former WWE people and wrestlers from all over the world, which makes it a cool place to work in.

– Borash talked about how he and other TNA wrestlers like Jeff Hardy & Beer Money went to Japan last week and how it helps the exposure of the company.

– They plugged Impact tapings for the next two nights at Universal in Orlando starting at around 5:30pm with free entry as always. Borash mentioned the Hardy brothers being together at the tapings last night. Mickie mentions they don’t really know what they will do on the day of the taping until you get to the building.

– The hosts asked Mickie if she’s single. She said yes. Madison Rayne said on the show yesterday she doesn’t date wrestlers and Mickie mentioned that you’re around many wrestlers all the time, so sometimes stuff happens, but she’s been single for a couple of years because she’s so busy. Borash mentioned a lot of the guys on the roster have crushes on Mickie.

– Mickie plugs the TNA theme song “Hardcore Country.” She mentions the song “Don’t Apologize” from her Strangers & Angels CD being her favorite. Then she talks about “Are You With Me?” being her first single and “Hollywood Movie Moment” being another favorite on the album. Then they started playing “Are You With Me?” She mentioned Tim McGraw being a favorite artist. She mentioned the
songs will be on iTunes again soon. (I should also note the whole CD will be available again on mickiejames.com very soon.)

– The hosts plugged the Impact tapings one more time and mentioned their close association with the the TNA brand.

The segment lasted about 15 minutes.

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