Mickie James Names Her Favorite Restaurant & Cereal, Follow “The Glamazon” On Twitter, More

— When asked to name her cereal and restaurant of choice, Mickie James listed Cocoa Pebbles and Honey Comb as her two favorite cereals, with Arby’s as her preferred restaurant.



“I love cereal… But I’m more of a organic girl all the way. Cocoa pebbles and honey comb were my favs,” the WWE Diva said on Twitter. “And this one, Arby’s.”

For those unaware, Arby’s is a Georgia based restaurant primarily known for selling roast beef sandwiches and curly fries. The biggest Arby’s restaurant in the world can be found in ironically enough, James’ hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

In other James trivia, she revealed her legitimate height and weight this past week on the social networking site. While World Wrestling Entertainment bills the SmackDown Diva as 5’4″ and 121 pounds, she is actually 5’2″ and 130 pounds.

— Fans are now able to follow Beth Phoenix on Twitter as the multi-time Women’s Champion has opened an account. You can reach “The Glamazon” at the following link. Her account was confirmed this afternoon by WWE.

Matt Hardy is today’s “Superstar of the Day” on WWE.com while Mickie James is the “Daily Diva.”

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