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Mickie James on not being a huge fan of “The Man” gimmick; her thoughts on AEW

Having already cemented her status as one of the greatest female wrestlers, Mickie James’ valuable experience is still on display. The former champion was recently interviewed by Chris Van Vliet of WSVN-TV where she explained her aversion to “The Man” gimmick and much more.

James stated that Lynch’s current gimmick is outdated, but went on to praise the former Smackdown women’s champion by calling her “amazingly talented”. James said:

” I said it there and I’ll say it again, women have always been the dominant sex. So if you want to do this whole ‘I’m the man’ thing which I think went out in 2010, if you want to bring that back, that’s cool. But I’m a woman, I’m a grown ass woman, you know what I mean? And I’m proud of it. I love Becky though, I do respect her. I think she’s fantastic, she amazingly talented. I’m just better.”

The five-time women’s champion expressed her thoughts on All Elite Wrestling which has taken over the pro-wrestling world as of late. James claimed that competition is always exciting and also added:

” I think everyone achieves higher peaks with that and we all welcome competition. It’s good for the boys, it’s good for my friends who want somewhere else to work and that’s great. But aside from talk, I haven’t really seen anything yet.”

Watch the entire clip below where she talks about a lot more including her thoughts on getting another title run, her move to the WWE and more

  • Luke

    Lol dude, she was in kayfabe. Don’t get yourself worked.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Winning and losing have nothing to do with it.

  • Rinn13

    What the hell are you talking about? I’m not the biggest James fan, but she’s one of the better female wrestlers of the last 15 years. Or weren’t you actually watching WWE during her first stint? Becky Lynch is a solid wrestler, but she’s also incredibly overrated, as evidenced by posts like this.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Lol Mickie thinking she’s better than Becky when is the last match Mickie won?

  • Darrin Tyler

    No, you’re not better. Becky actually has wrestling moves…what do you got? An over the hill aspect on life and on obviusly knows nothing about wrestling

  • rob

    Mickie james = Still Hot