Mickie James Speaks on Leaving WWE, Piggy James and More

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James weighed in on a number of topics in an interview with The Baltimore Sun including her recent departure from World Wrestling Entertainment, the Piggy James storyline, her music career, and more.



James says she hasn’t watching wrestling on television since being released in April, noting it’s much too difficult.

“I didn’t watch wrestling. I still haven’t seen a wrestling show and it’s been three months,” James said. “The only show I’ve watched was right after I was released and they were chanting, ‘We want Mickie, we want Mickie.’ And I started bawling. It just really broke me, so I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So, I started doing some dates. It’s definitely a different feel. Once you’ve wrestled in front of 90,000 people, where do you go from there?”

Regarding her release, she feels the company wanted to go in a different direction with the women’s division. She also says she didn’t understand their decision at the time, but now recognizes the writing on the wall.

“I just think it was the different direction of the Divas. No one can give 100 percent all the time and they can surely try. Looking back, if I take myself from the picture, there was writing on the wall and if I wasn’t so indulged in the business, I would have seen it,” James said. “I never would have shut that chapter on my own. I never would have cut that string on my own, so maybe they had to shut that door on me for to fully focus on my music, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise.”

On the topic of the Piggy James storyline, she noted being more upset with its conclusion than the angle itself. She also remains unsure whether company officials were poking fun at her weight.

“I don’t know where it came from. Were they ribbing me or just poking fun? I sat back and prayed about it. There’s still not one female that can go out there and get a reaction I can,” James said. “And maybe they were trying to pull the fanbase away from me, but I got the championship, then they took it away. After six months of embarrassment and ridicule, that’s the payoff? I had to swallow my pride.”

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