Micro Wrestling Is Primed For An Incredible Run

Micro Wrestling, like for many others, was shown to me via TikTok. As I was scrolling through the app, I was introduced to the characters that make up the organization. Every character had a personality that could easily rank in places such as the WWE or AEW.



As I continued to watch each video that the company put out; I became more and more enthralled with their stories. Not only did this company totally gain traction relatively quickly on the app, but they started to grow a die-hard fanbase that has only ever been seen before in the Attitude Era or early ECW.

The organization not only have incredible athletes on their roster with great characters behind each athlete, but the brand tells a story. A story of hope, passion, right timing, and heart.

Micro Wrestling set to prove that they can accomplish anything that household brands can accomplish. They have been on the road and even have their very first Pay-Per-View coming up. I was invited along with professional photographer, Nick White, to check out a live Micro Wrestling event.

The night was very eventful, showcasing tons of athleticism and charisma. The introduction of the show was done by all the wrestlers who would be used that night coming into the ring one by one. The wrestlers would each get into it with one another and so the show began.

The night shaped up to be one of the very best wrestling shows that myself and Nick White were invited to. Yes, this means even up against WWE, IMPACT, and AEW. The way that Micro Wrestling runs is hands down the greatest way I’ve personally seen a promotion carry themselves. At no time did it ever feel like the show was dragging on. Each segment was a joy to watch and every athlete was fantastic in every sense of the word.

We saw a title change hands that night as Jamaican Joe was victorious in the battle royal match and I even got a promo cut on me from Lil Show. They made you feel apart of the show and you could tell the drive that they had to ensure that they become even more well-known in the professional wrestling business.

Micro Wrestling deserve their own spot on TV not only because of their in-ring work, but because they know how to make fans feel satisfied night in and night out. I highly recommend you to check out a Micro Wrestling show as soon as you can. If you can’t get to a show, make sure to support them in their very first Pay-Per-View on February 25th 2023.

Photo credit Nick White.

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Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
Dustin is a musician and top writer for Wrestling Edge. You can send an email to [email protected] to get in touch.

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