Miesha Tate Offered Deal To Quit UFC?

Miesha Tate is definitely one of the greatest female fighters in the world of MMA. Miesha Tate recently dropped a Ronda Rousey return bombshell as well. 



Cris Cyborg recently took to Twitter and revealed that she wants to see Miesha Tate make her way to Bellator.

“I would love see (Miesha Tate) reunited with the old StrikeForce family (Bellator) one day.”

Miesha Tate recently spoke on Throwing Down w/ Renee & Miesha, where she put Conor McGregor on blast for his childish actions at the Video Music Awards. She claimed that Conor McGregor threw his drink at Megan Fox, not just Machine Gun Kelly contrary to reports.

“I think he is a hothead and I think he can’t keep himself out of trouble because I just think he lacks the ability to swallow his pride a little or bite his tongue and take a step back, cool down, no. He just feels so entitled to be able to do whatever the hell he wants, whenever the hell he wants and he doesn’t like being told no. He is like a spoiled little toddler,” Miesha Tate said.

I think Conor McGregor is doing what always worked before, it’s just not working anymore. And I called that from the very beginning. I said ‘look, Conor McGregor, these type of personalities, it only works when they are on top, it doesn’t work once you start to lose, once you start to fall. So I don’t think really much has changed with Conor McGregor. I just think that people are seeing him for what he really is,”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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