Miesha Tate Shows Behind To Joe Rogan In Photos

The long-tenured UFC commentator Joe Rogan was involved a hilarious moment back in the day with Miesha Tate. In 2016, during Miesha Tate’s weigh-in, Rogan was observed looking away, as the fighter undressed to get on the scale. Although the incident gained popularity, it quickly died down. However, Tate decided to freshen things up, as she posted a picture on Instagram, showing the awkward Rogan during the UFC 200 weigh-in.



Miesha Tate recalls the incident

During the UFC 200 weigh-ins, back in 2016, Rogan was hilariously caught trying not to look at Meisha Tate’s backside. The famed UFC commentator was caught staring at the fighters several times during the weigh-ins and face-offs. However, UFC 200 brought in a different side of Rogan, where he seemingly gave it his all, trying not to look at Tate.

The incident was recently revisited by ‘Cupcake’. She posted a picture of the weigh-in where she was taking off her bottom wear. It was Rogan’s face that drew attention and he was looking away as Tate struggled with her pants. However, the former bantamweight champion wrote in the caption:

“I always wondered whatever happened to these pants. I really liked them…”

Additionally, the commentator was also seen looking at Tate during the UFC 196 weigh-ins. Although Rogan was trying his best not to look at her, he definitely failed in doing so. But this time, the podcaster kept a straight face and did not display any weird expression.

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