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Mike and Maria Kanellis reportedly ask for release from WWE

As reported earlier, it’s rumored that the Revival have asked for their release from the WWE. Now it seems another duo isn’t too happy with the company, as Mike and Maria Kanellis are asking to be let go.

The real-life couple has been struggling to get any kind of TV time, even on 205 Live. Though they made a decent impact when they debuted there back in 2018, not much came from the storyline involving them and TJP taking on the Lucha House Party, and they were quickly forgotten about.

Even going back to their debut at Money in the Bank 2017, it was assumed that the WWE had big plans for them, as they completely skipped over NXT. Sadly, their run with the company has been completely forgettable. While apart of the Blue Brand, Mike only wrestled a total of four matches.

Now it’s being reported by¬†Pro Wrestling Sheet that Mike and Maria Kanellis have asked to be released from their WWE contracts. Mounting frustration finally forced the couple to make a move and decided to ask for their releases a few weeks ago. Mike Kanellis has also started selling new shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees.

There are more reports claiming that the WWE denied their requests.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    But I also seen in the past WWE give up the dead weight so a company like TNA would pick them up. It a tactic they have used with WCW. If AEW really want that company to work they need to take the time to develop there own stars. I look at it like this if they are not drawing well in the WWE what makes you think they would do well in a company like AEW.

  • CC

    To be fair, I never quite understood why WWE signed them and sent them straight to the main roster anyway.
    I used to like Maria when she was previously in WWE, but never really cared when she left as she was not what you would call top line talent.
    Then when she came back with her husband and that awful gimmick, there was no way it was gonna go over.
    I also think she already knew she was pregnant when she signed, so knew she would be off air anyway.
    Mike on the other hand also did himself no favours with his drug problem. And while he got clean, we all know that a loss of momentum by being off TV due to injury or whatever, is always tough to get back to where you were before, but to lose it so soon after debuting was the complete killer for both of them.

  • CC

    Its not really pettiness expecting people to see out their contracts, especially when there is an upcoming promotion on the horizon. Its business, and love or loathe these tactics, it makes a lot of sense for him to hold people to their contracts even if he has no intention of using them.
    Just look at the Lucha Underground story to see that it is not just WWE and Vince who pulls this kind of business tactic.

    Anyone who lets talent go who could help make an opposing company stronger is not a good business man.

  • oppa

    I think we will see a post WrestleMania purge of talent again. And depending on how Mania goes, the names of those who want out could be interesting indeed.

  • Kyle Abraham

    They might, I mean Tye Dillinger could go, but I imagine they’ll keep him under contract so they don’t lose Peyton Royce in the process, and more than likely Billie Kay as well. Goldust could easily go, it’s already rumored that he has a position in AEW. Mike and Maria would be better off in AEW, the Revival, the Ascension, AOP, Shelton Benjamin, Dolph Ziggler, and many others would as well. Ultimately, I think WWE is gonna let talent ride out their contracts at home so AEW can’t grab any of them, Vince McMahon is petty enough, and has enough money to do that.

  • Dirt McGirt

    I don’t blame them, especially if they want to work as opposed to just collecting paychecks. Mike has had literally like 3 matches on WWE TV/205 Live in the 18 months he’s been with the company.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    They may release the Dead weight in the WWE.

  • Kyle Abraham

    WWE Isn’t going to grant any releases any time soon, the last thing they want to do is hand talent to AEW.