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Mike Jackson has no regrets about his fight with CM Punk

Mike Jackson defeated CM Punk at UFC 225 in what was said to be a pretty one-sided match. The match might have made Jackson famous but it ended up costing him his career in the UFC. Jackson appeared on Heated Conversations with Booker T and talked about a number of things related to his fight with Punk.

Jackson said that he was showing compassion to Punk in their fight and therefore he didn’t wish to brutalize him in front of his home crowd. He said that things are really fine between him and the former WWE Champion after their remarkable fight from UFC 225. Jackson said that criticism from the people means nothing to him and so he blocks and mutes people who spread negativity.

(transcript by WrestlingInc)

I’m still living my best. That is all I can do. That mute and block button works wonders. I know people come at me, but here’s the thing, maybe 5-10 years ago I would have went out there and assaulted that man just because of where I was in my life, but I am in a different space right now. For me, I’m not worried about all this negativity that people present. I went out there and fought my fight, and I didn’t want to hurt the guy. People are legit upset with me because for not hurting him. People came up to me and said that they are going to start calling me ‘Mike the Merciful’ because I went out here and I showed compassion for another human being and I didn’t want to hurt him because I knew what the circumstances were. Everyone was looking at this fight as if it were a number-one contenders spot or something like that. It was my WrestleMania, my title shot, but at the same time I knew what it really was. I didn’t have to go out there and really hurt the guy in front of his people. I went out there and we put on a show—I think if people would take that theory that I disrespected the sport because I didn’t finish him; if you can take that aspect out of it and just appreciate the fight for what it is people would like it more, but people are so caught up in the hype


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If Dana fired Jackson because he beat the snot out of CM Punk that makes UFC look really weak. Maybe MMA guys find it an insult to MMA when a Pro Wrestler think he can walk in the Cage an think he a somebody.

  • HBK

    Dana fired him because he didn’t finish the fight via ko/submission when he had a chance!!!!

  • BiggEZ

    So, how did it cost him his UFC career?

  • Sarrkazztic

    UFC 225 not 205