Mike Kanellis celebrates 1 year of sobriety; Maria to return to ring soon

Mike and Maria Kanellis debuted at last year’s Money in the Bank PPV set to take over Smackdown Live with the power of love. The couple walked out week after week preaching this and looked to be on their way to some interesting mid-card feuds. However, they would quickly be taken off TV soon after their debut.



With Mike Kanellis’ attempt to stay sober and Maria’s sudden pregnancy, the power couple was absent from TV for quite some time, with Mike only showing up a few times for battle royals. However, while dealing with his addiction issues, the Miracle has gotten in incredible shape. Pictures have recently surfaced of his transformation, and he’s had an amazing transformation in a year.


He also celebrated a full year of sobriety today, taking to Twitter to talk about his journey. With a year in the book and a better-looking body, the WWE might finally do something with the former star of the indies. After all, the WWE loves stories like this.

It might help that his wife could be making her way back on screen soon. She revealed on Instagram that she would be making her way down to Florida to fight for TV time in August. We could possibly see her take part in the Mae Young Classic, which tapes on August 7th-8th.


Will the power couple be able to bring the power of love back to WWE TV soon? Only time will tell. At the very least, congratulations to Mike Kanellis on his one year of sobriety.

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