Mike Kanellis reveals why he chose to ask for his WWE release

Mike Kanellis is one of the wrestlers who have asked for their release from WWE recently and there are all kinds of rumors about the possible reason behind his move.



The former TNA star recently had an interview with Swings & Mrs, where he talked about a number of things and also explained the reasoning behind his decision.

The 205 Live star first denied that the recent pregnancy storyline with wife Maria Kanellis is the reason for his release request and he then claimed that he felt stuck in WWE:

I felt stuck, I felt stuck in the sense that I’m at a point now where I feel clear headed and clear minded and this has to do with being two and a half years sober. I don’t want to live with regret and I don’t want to be that person who spent four or five years of my life addicted to drugs when I could have going out and having killer matches.

Continuing on the topic, Kanellis explained that he has never been considered as one of the top wrestlers of the world and he wants to have a shot at changing this perception:

My work did suffer. I want to know what I can do now that I’m not beholding to the prescription drugs; I want to see what clean headed Mike Bennett can do with 100% focus. I’ve never thought that people consider me one of the best wrestlers in the world. I want to give an attempt to prove them that I can be that wrestler. I’m not mad at WWE, they’ve treated me wonderfully and still do, through addiction, Maria’s pregnancy, they’ve taken care of us. I have nothing but love for that company. It’s just personal, I just want to go and wrestle.

Mike Kanellis signed a new 5 years contract with WWE in June but he asked for his release from the company in October. Though so far it does not appear likely that the company will grant his request.

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