Mike Tyson Caught Looking At Creepy Websites

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson has been one of the dominant stars in the history of the sport. He has been an aggressive fighter against his opponents. He certainly put the long hours in the gym and now ‘Iron Mike’ has gone on to reveal that he only sleeps for four hours. He further revealed what he does during the rest of his day on the latest episode of his podcast ‘Hotboxin’ with Bill Maher.



Mike Tyson reveals his sleeping pattern

In the podcast, the pair were having a conversation about how some people can’t wake up alone when Tyson revealed that he was awake most of the time.

I can’t wake up period. I’m always up,” said Tyson. Shocked by this, Maher then asked Tyson if he had a hard time finding sleep, “You don’t sleep well?” He asked Tyson, who then stated that even though he didn’t sleep, he felt good in the morning, “I don’t sleep well but I still feel great in the morning. I’m sick, something’s wrong, and I can’t be sleeping its just 24 hours, no drugs,” he said.

Maher seemed skeptical about this and told Tyson that he was just not aware when he is asleep,” Mike, you sleep, you’re not aware because you’re already asleep.” The champ disagreed with Maher and stated that he only slept for four hours a day,” No, I’m not asleep, It’s 3 hours 4 hours” said Tyson.

Maher was quite surprised with the revelation and told Tyson that this will catch up to the champ, “only 3 or four hours. That is going to catch up to you. Your brain needs sleep.” to which Tyson responded by stating that he didn’t even listen to his brain, “I’m not even listening. How you’re going to sleep when you’re out there trying to conquer the world.” He told Maher. 

After this Maher asked Tyson what he did with the remaining hours he had left during the day,” Oh so what are doing with these 20 hours a day that you’re up?” said Maher. Tyson admitted to going on adult websites to watch videos.

Iron Mike then hilariously stated that he did what he wanted, “Whatever I want, j*rk*ng off, anything” said Tyson, which led to a huge laugh from everyone present with Maher even saying. “I’m glad the time is not wasted.”


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