Mike Tyson Collapses In Video With Tony Hawk

If you remember Mike Tyson with a hover board, then you may be seeing shades of it in his newest video. When Mike Tyson originally took a hard fall, it was due to a hover board that he was playing with. In that video, he’s seen in his house laughing as he rides around a little bit before losing his balance.



When Tyson would lose his balance on the hover board, he would crash hard, landing on his back. From this, he would have to stay in bed for a week to recoup from the damage that was done from such a rough fall.

Recently, Mike Tyson was joined along with guest, Tony Hawk, who tried to show him a thing or two on the skateboard. As cool as that might sound, Mike Tyson could not keep his balance for too long and ultimately would almost fall on the floor. Thankfully, for Tyson, a chair was in back of him which would break the fall. Check out the video below.

On the newest episode of ‘Hot Boxin With Mike Tyson,’ Tony Hawk would be on the show to talk about his life and what he has been through. On top of his life, Hawk would also open up about his career which catapulted him to being a household name for all kids in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Tony Hawk would become the first name that most would think about whenever talking about skateboarding. Tony Hawk would be a sight to see at multiple championship games and would also have a few lines of skateboards, skateboard accessories, and apparel items. Of course, we would see Tony Hawk on MTV, Jackass, and multiple news shows at the time as well which would engrain him into pop culture.

Dustin Schumacher
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