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The pro boxing legend Mike Tyson recently talked about the relationship between father and son in a fast-moving modern society. He spoke to TV host Bill Maher and ‘The Baddest Man on Planet’ recalled his son that left him because the latter wanted to live his life on his own terms.



Mike Tyson reveals that his son left him

They had a talk about kids of affluent parents.  This made Tyson share his thoughts on his son. He said:

“That doesn’t go for everyone, some kids from influenced families, they leave, just leave the house. They don’t want to be involved with nothing. The rich kids from affluent families don’t care. I have a son. He just wants nothing from me. He has left.”

Tyson noted how his son is different from others. His son takes nothing from him. He’s a ‘missionary’. He wanted to help people. And that is why he has gone his separate way.

The exceptional storyline of Tyson’s son impressed Maher. He labeled it as ‘fantastic’ and said:

 “It’s wonderful. I mean, I wish there were more kids like him. That’s a wonderful story. That’s not the typical story.”

Certainly, the story of Tyson’s son is quite inspiring and has garnered a lot of praise. Leaving home to help others is not an easy step. Tyson also believes him and admitted that he would not force money on his son. He just wanted to see how it works.

According to reports, Tyson fathered seven kids. Unfortunately, he lost one daughter in a horrific accident later. So as of now, Tyson shares six kids with different women.

His oldest kid is his daughter named Lorna Tyson from his ex Kimberly Scarborough. The couple never married. However, it never affected Tyson’s relationship with his daughter. Lorna is 30 years of age and pursuing modeling. You can view a swimsuit photo of her below.

Tyson had two children with his second wife Monica Turner- a daughter named Rayna Tyson and a son Amir Tyson. Rayna Tyson is well known for her work in Hollywood. Tyson’s eldest son Amir works for his business venture named Debonair Attire. He also donates a lot to charity. Next, Tyson had two children named Miguel Tyson and his late daughter, Exodus Tyson, with Sol Xochitl. Miguel is a musician and social worker like his elder brother.

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