Mike Tyson Drops Floyd Mayweather Fight Bombshell

The pro-boxing legend Mike Tyson recently shared his opinion on who he thought would win in a “street fight” between him and Bruce Lee. He even detailed how a fight between them would play out.



Mike Tyson opens up on a dream match with Bruce Lee

Tyson recently joined the MMAShow podcast where he was asked by host Ariel Helwani how he would match up against Bruce Lee in a fight. Iron Mike stated that it would be an interesting world if Bruce Lee could beat him in a fight.

He told Helwani who pointed out that Bruce Lee could also use kicks and knees while Tyson could only use his punches:

“Hey, listen If Bruce lee could really beat me in a fight. I would really think this is an interesting world cause that should not happen”

However, Tyson disagreed with Helwani and stated that it would be like fighting Floyd Mayweather while pointing out the size difference between the two.:

“That’s almost like me and Floyd having a street fight he’s the same size as Floyd no he’s a 135 pounds.”

Helwani seemed to agree with Tyson and stated that he would also pick the former heavyweight champion in a fight against Lee. Bruce Lee was a great conceptual martial artist, a visionary for his era. He had excellent speed and immense control over his body, but he lacked sheer power which Mayweather possessed back in the day. It is quite hard to argue over the result of the fight but it would have been a treat for the fans if that ever took place.

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