Mike Tyson Drops Imminent Death Bombshell

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson recently talked about ‘death thing’ with a certified therapist, Sean McFarland, and DJ, Whoo Kid. ‘Iron Mike’ had previously revealed that he only sleeps for four hours. He also went on to reveal his fear.



Mike Tyson shares his thoughts on death

In the recent episode of Hotboxin’with Mike Tyson, ‘The Baddest Man on the Planet’ had a very emotional conversation with his new guest, McFarland. Talking about the ultimate truth of life, the 55-year-old confessed that he was inching closer to death really soon.

“We are all going to die, one day, of course. When I look in the mirror, I see those little spots on my face and say wow that’s my expiration date is coming close really soon,” Tyson said.

McFarland, who has a better understanding of this psychology, faced the question of ‘death’ next.

He did not react much. Staying cool, Sean responded, “I don’t worry about it.”

Then later on he detailed:

“I’m not sweating it. I just want to die consciously. I don’t want to die screaming and I’ve heard the last rides of a lot of people, a lot of famous people, and they’re getting ready to die and they leave this planet screaming.”

Putting forth the studies of the New York Times, MacFarland admitted that he wanted to die consciously after a good swim. Mike Tyson also has some dark truth of his life which he recently revealed as well. His life has not been smooth as it has been marred with alcohol, drugs, and violence. However, he managed to become the youngest heavyweight champion of the world in boxing. Iron Mike’s therapist had dived into the boxer’s thoughts and emotions and how he confronts them.

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