Mike Tyson Drops Painful Rehab Bombshell

Pro boxing legend Mike Tyson is one of the greatest stars of the sport and he has generated millions of dollars in his career. He has had an incredible career. However, his stellar fame came with challenges that the public didn’t see. It has come to light how Mike Tyson dealt with drug addiction.



Mike Tyson reveals how he overcame drug addiction

The Heavyweight Champion quickly spiraled into addiction, partially derailing his career in the process. Tyson seemed unstable in and out of the ring as he turned from the most dangerous man on the planet to a man who was having more controversies than wins.

Most of that downfall is attributed to drug and alcohol addiction. Tyson had struggled until 2009. He began a vegan diet, and set out on a plan to rehab. He ended up spending over a year in rehab in order to stay clean.

In a 2011 interview with Graham Bensinger, Mike Tyson discussed how he overcame drug addiction:

“I met a conglomerate of interesting dynamic people that had my interest at heart as a human being. That rehab world is something else, almost like, a utopia world. Everyone’s happy, everyone’s positive, and [have the attitude] ‘We’re going to win!’ Everybody has a hard story, but they’re overcoming.”

During the battle with addiction, he mainly struggled with hard drugs like cocaine and alcohol. Tyson admitted that he had a huge issue with cocaine, which prompted his yearlong rehab stint. However, Over a decade later, the former heavyweight champion no longer does cocaine or drink at all. He also doesn’t do any other hard drugs, but he does do a fair bit of marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms. Tyson has also stated that cannabis and mushrooms have helped him turn his life around.

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