Mike Tyson Drops Racist Meghan Markle Bombshell

The legendary boxer Mike Tyson has been very vocal when it comes to sharing his thoughts. The former heavyweight champion is one of the most brutally honest people one could ever find, which is why he is loved and even despised by many for his honest nature. Although ‘Iron Mike’ got into a lot of trouble for being overly harsh on certain reporters during interviews, it was never in his nature to not speak his mind.



However, Tyson has become much calmer and more respectful toward the feelings of others. Despite this, sometimes the former champion gets brutally honest and gives his unfiltered opinion. This was exactly what happened when Tyson reacted to a guest on his podcast roasting the Royal Family.

Mike Tyson reacts

In an episode of his podcast Hotboxin along with comedian Cedric The Entertainer, Tyson had a hilarious take on the royal family. It was revealed that Cedric had made fun of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry following the controversy surrounding the skin tone of their child.

During the show, Tyson stated that Harry was now married to a woman of color now which could lead him to be removed from the royal family. “Prince Harry f***ing with a n*** now. They gonna kick him out of the white pool. He’d be our royalty. He knows black is beautiful now ” said Tyson.

This was a hilarious attempt by Tyson to mock Prince Harry and his relationship with Meghan Markle, which has been in the public limelight for quite some time. This was because Markle reveals some fascinating things about the family during an interview with Oprah. Markle suggested that the royal family was being racist after they wanted to know the color of her and Harry’s child.


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