Mike Tyson Drops Sad Jamie Foxx Bombshell

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson recently stated that he didn’t get the opportunity to meet President Joe Biden but he recalled meeting his son, Hunter Biden. During a recent interview with Valuetainment, Tyson said:



“I briefly met Hunter and hey listen we’re out here, we’re trying to make this the best country we possibly can and there’s certain people that believe they can do it better. That’s just what this is all about, nothing personal”

He said about Jamie Foxx’s health problems. “Listen, we can’t anticipdate our next breath, we don’t know when we’re going to die.”

When a co-host teased Foxx’s medical issue being covered up, Tyson said, “If we don’t know by now, they don’t want us to know.”

The legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson got involved in a controversial incident during his infamous fight with Evander Holyfield. That contest had ended after ‘Iron’ Mike took a bite out of his opponent’s ear. ‘The Real Deal’ recently admitted that he was considering biting his rival in the face. It is one of the most horrific actions in boxing history. The matter is still talked about to this day. Recently, Tyson spoke about a potential bout against Holyfield.

Previously, speaking to TMZ, Mike Tyson teased a potential fight with Evander Holyfield. He said:

“I’m just chilling out. I did that (referring to his exhibition with Roy Jones Jr.). I wanted to do that, I did that, People, also in Saudi Arabia wanted me to do this stuff too. I don’t know. I could be persuaded. I can be persuaded. I have to talk to the people. When I see the money people for the end product, my mind works clearer.”

In their infamous match, Tyson was disqualified from the match and after the fight. Before the disqualification, Tyson was complaining about illegal headbutts from Holyfield that opened up a cut above his eye. He came out of his corner without his mouthpiece in the third round, before being forced to put it back in. The bite took an inch of cartilage off of Holyfield’s ear as he shrieked in pain in the middle of the ring. The gloves that Evander Holyfield wore in the infamous match against Mike Tyson recently went under the hammer.

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